• BOBBY TALLEY has been a resident of Avon Park his whole life. At the age of four Bobby lost his sight to meningitis. One of the last things he remembers is Donaldson Park. His goal is to bring that good old fashioned fun back to the park, by giving families something fun to do. He wants to get kids out of the house and off the video games and electronic devices.      

  • He has had the privilege of playing sports and games through the Ridge Area Arc and Miracle League. Now he has the opportunity to provide the same service to others through Sight Unseen Enterprises. Bobby would like to see more handicapped people come out and enjoy his activities. His story is one of inspiration  and perseverance . It is truly an inspiring sight to see him run his business. Bobby has lost his sight, but he still has a vision.     

    The next time you are in Avon Park stop by and challenge him to a game of Cornhole or a race on the Hydrobike.

  • Bobby's Interview.