•  $20 Per Hour for each watercraft.


    • $12 Per 1/2 Hour for each watercraft

    • Waterpillar

    • Hydrobike

    • The Waterpillar is a great way to challenge yourself and your friends to the ultimate battle on the water. Equipped with two seats and a water cannon to blast your opponents. One person steers the craft while the other pumps the gun. Bring your top game and experience the "WATERPILLER".

                                                           Rider Capacity: 1 or 2

    • The Hydrobike is very easy to ride. You can take it for for relaxing spin on the lake, or use it to do a little fishing. If  exercise is what your looking for just keep pedaling. With the versatility of the Hydrobike it's the perfect choice for everyone. "It's so easy a blind man can do it". Just ask Bobby.

                                                                  Rider Capacity: 1